General Electric College Bowl Teams: Pacific Lutheran through Tulane

School: Pacific Lutheran University
Dates appeared: 11/29/69
Opponents: Merrimack (l)
Team: Jim Hushagen (C), Thomas Gumprecht, Bob Jones, Richard Ostenson
Coaches: ???
Where are they now?: Gumprecht is an otolaryngologist in Redmond, Washington;Ostensen is an oncologist in Pullayap, Washington; and Hushagen is an attorney practicing in Tacoma and Seattle, Washington.
Reported by: Jim Hushagen; TFM; Barry Resnick
Source: ;


School: Park College
Dates appeared: 2/7/65
Opponents: Portland State (l 350-25)
Team: Walter Black (C), Peter Francis, Seth Gutman, Terry Scullin
Coaches: Dick Weatherall, Instructor in Sociology
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: film of Portland State v. Park game


School: Portland State College (now University)
Dates appeared: 1/31/65, 2/7/65, 2/14/65, 2/28/65, 3/7/65
Opponents: San Francisco (w 300-155), Park (w 350-25), Kent State (w 315-35), Coe (w 345-175), Birmingham-Southern (w 415-60)
Team: Jim Westwood (C), Robin Freeman, Larry Smith, Michael Smith, Al Kotz (alt), Marv Foust (alt), Jim Cronin (alt), Doug Hawley (alt), Jim Watt (alt)
Coaches: Ben Padrow
Notes: Michael Smith suffered from cystic fibrosis. Frequently hospitalized during the nine months of preparation for the show, he played in all five games. The Smith Memorial Student Union at Portland State University is named for him. Portland State was the alternate during the season, to be called in to play once a team had retired as champion. After months of waiting, they got their chance when Lawrence University retired. The 415 points scored in their final match ties them for fifth-highest single-game total achieved, and their 1725 points total set a new record at the time, and is fourth highest overall. The March 26, 1965 issue of Time has an article on how the College Bowl victories helped change Portland State's image as "the flunk-out school" for University of Oregon and Oregon State drop-outs, and credits the team's performance as being a major factor in the state legislature's decision to fund a graduate program there. The Portland State University archives has kinescopes of all five broadcasts.
Where are they now?: Westwood parlayed his College Bowl appearances into a gig as a TV weatherman during his last two years in college, and used the money earned to go to law school at Columbia. He now practices in Portland. Larry Smith became a writer, and died about 1999. Michael Smith died in 1968. Padrow taught Speech at PSU until his retirement. He was active (and a legend) in Oregon politics, and coach of the Portland State forensics team. An annual parliamentary debate tournament at PSU is named for him. He died in the mid 1990's.
Reported by: Jim Westwood, TFM
Source: , , , , Time Magazine, March 26, 1965, p. 46.


School: Princeton University
Dates appeared: 2/8/59, 2/15/59; 3/2/66, 3/9/66
Opponents: 1959: Georgetown (t 115-115), Georgetown (l 215-70); 1966: Mount Holyoke (w 235-1280), Agnes Scott (l 220-215)
Team: 1959:???; 1966: Stephen Chernicoff (C), ???
Coaches: Steve Fox?
Notes: When approached in the Fall of 1965 about appearing on the show, "all the various extracurricular organizations looked around at each other and passed the buck. So Steve Fox formed an ad-hoc committee of his own and organized a team." The game against Agnes Scott is regarded as one of the most exciting games ever broadcast on the show.
Where are they now?: 1994: Chernicoff is a technical writer on computer documentation and author of several books for Macintosh programmers. After three auditions, he was selected to appear on Jeopardy! In the last two games of the 1993-94 season, and the first three games of the 1994-95 season, Chernicoff retired as a five-time undefeated champion with winnings of $82,902.
Reported by: TFM


School: Purdue University
Dates appeared: 1/17/60, 1/24/60, 1/31/60, 2/7/60, 2/14/60; 11/2/68
Opponents: 1960: Smith (w 170-150), William & Mary (w 240-50), Case Western (w 260-15), Reed (w 230-220), Cornell (l 100-65); 1968: Fordham (l 150-95)
Team: 1960: Bruce Sherwood (C), George Geib, Judy Newlin Sherwood, Murray Sperber; 1968: ???
Coaches: 1960: Dean Doner; 1968: ???
Notes: 1960: The Sherwoods were the first husband and wife to play together on a team on the television show. They later named their first child after their coach. The team was featured in Life Magazine and later in TV Guide. Three alternates were also selected from a pool of 35 students.
Where are they now?: Sperber is a Professor of English and American Studies at the University of Indiana in Bloomington. A noted writer and commentator on college athletics, his books include Beer and Circus: How Big-Time College Sports is Crippling Undergraduate Education and College Sports, Inc.
Reported by: TFM; Barry Resnick
Source: The Purdue Alumnus 4/60, p.4. "Purdue Goes To The "Bowl,"" TV Guide 8/17/63, p. 22, ""College Bowl - Brains Conquer The Campus" ;


School: Reed College
Dates appeared: 2/7/60; 2/6/66, 2/13/66
Opponents: 1960: Purdue (l 230-220); 1966: Newcomb (w 190-145), Mount Holyoke (l 230-200)
Team: 1960: E. Levine, V. Oglesby, P. Stafford, Bill Jarrico; 1966: ???
Coaches: 1960: ???; 1966: ???
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: The Purdue Alumnus 4/60, cover photo

School: Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
Dates appeared: 3/12/61, 3/19/61, 3/26/61, 4/2/61, 4/9/61
Opponents: Indiana (w 200-155), Fisk (w 295-45), Fordham (w 210-165), Grinnell (w 300-165), Connecticut (w 295-70)
Team: Lewis J. Weinberger (C), Roland J. Finch, Barry H. Fishkin, Thomas C. Melbert, Steven T. Manson (alt)
Coaches: Ernest F. Livingstone, Professor of Modern Languages
Notes: See source field for excellent web page about the team
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM


School: Rhode Island College
Dates appeared: 5/30/65, 6/??/65
Opponents: Western Washington (w 185-100), Saint Francis (l 210-180)
Team: Raymond L. Gagner (C), Philip G. Hirons, John J. McGiveny, Mary (Robinson) Lucas
Coaches: ???
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM



School: Rice University
Dates appeared: 3/6/60; 1966: 5/8/66, 5/15/66, 5/22/66, 5/29/66, 6/5/66
Opponents: 1960: Dartmouth (l 210-105); 1966: East Carolina (w 390-135), Florence State/North Alabama (w 270-235), Hiram (w 195-175), California State - LA (w 455-75), Chattanooga (w 450-5)
Team: 1960: ???; 1966: Harriet Mauzy (C), Bill Kennedy, Gordon Braden, Lawson Taitte, Don Des Jarlais (alt)
Coaches: Ferdinand Levy
Notes: See source field for great long article. Mauzy and Taitte's graduation ceremony conflicted with broadcasting the final game; the school gave them their own ceremony, complete with academic procession. The Chattanooga blow-out was revenge because their new President, William Masterson, had taught at Rice and given Mauzy a "C." Rice claimed the highest point total for a five game series to that date (1,760, which is third-highest overall) and most single match points to that date (455, second-highest overall, and the 450 is third-highest overall). They also had the greatest margin of victory over an opponent (445) to that date. Match v. Cal State-LA is preserved in UCLA Film & Television Archives.
Where are they now?: In 1997: Braden chairs English Department at University of Virginia. Des Jarlais is a world-renowned AIDS researcher. Bill Kennedy is an editor at S&C Electric Company in Chicago. Mauzy teaches at Welch Middle School in Houston. Taitte is theater critic for the Dallas Morning News. Levy teaches at Georgia Tech.
Reported by: TFM
Source: , ,

School: Ripon College
Dates appeared: 10/27/63, 11/3/63, 11/10/63, 11/17/63, 11/24/63
Opponents: Polytechnic (w 150-140), Texas A & M (w 155-150), College of Wooster (w 290-210), Georgia Tech (w 130-115), Bowdoin (l 375-135)
Team: R. Schneider (C), Sandra Miller, S. Peters, D. Stankow
Coaches: Spud Hannaford
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM


School: Rutgers University - Newark
Dates appeared: 5/29/60, 6/5/60, 6/12/60, 6/19/60, 6/26/60; 10/9/60
Opponents: Duke (w 165-150), Union (w 215-170), Mills (265-40), Boston College (w 180-165), Bradley (w 210-160); Colgate (l 185-125)
Team: John Howland (C), Dirk L. Schaeffer
Coaches: ???
Notes: John Howland also captained the lacrosse team. The team appeared on two consecutive seasons. At the start of the 1960-61 season, Rutgers was brought back to face the only other five-time champ from the 1959-60 season, Colgate.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: Rutgers Magazine, Winter 2004, Letters


School: Saint Johns University (Minnesota)
Dates appeared: 3/10/68
Opponents: Southern California (l 340-145)
Team: Larry Millett (C), Grant Schampel, Francis Swietek, Dan Thiegs, Timothy Kelly (alt)
Coaches: Edward Shapiro, Professor of History
Notes: Team was assembled in December, 1967, and began practicing with a homemade lockout borrowed from the University of Minnesota in February, 1968. First toss-up in the match was about torque.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM


School: Saint Joseph College
Dates appeared: 1965-66 (once)
Opponents: Williams (l 305-200)
Team: Tom Lees, ???
Coaches: Father Jacklin?
Notes: Honors Program provided much of team.
Where are they now?: 2002: Lees: teaching at an Episcopal academy.
Reported by: TFM


School: SUNY-Buffalo
Dates appeared: 10/1/61
Opponents: Texas Christian University (l 210-80)
Team: Ken Cross (C), Jerry Marshak, Pat Stott, Bill Ward
Coaches: Janet Potter
Notes: Team was profiled in TV Guide. Cross is blind.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: TV Guide 12/30/61, p. 22, "G-E College Bowl Scholars Get Strenuous Training"


School: Texas Christian University
Dates appeared: 9/24/61, 10/1/61, 10/8/61, 10/15/61
Opponents: DePaul (w 190-45), SUNY-Buffalo (w 210-80), Upsala (w 145-140), Pomona (l 200-105)
Team: James Dunkly (C), Dickie Bond, Randie Jean Guenther, Joe Lake
Coaches: Marguerite Potter
Notes: Game against Buffalo was the subject of a feature story in TV Guide.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: TV Guide 12/30/61, p. 22, "G-E College Bowl Scholars Get Strenuous Training"


School: Tulane University
Dates appeared: 3/1/59
Opponents: Georgetown (l 180-170)
Team: Suzanne Hicks, Andree Keil, Albert Prieto, Charles F. Seeman, Jr.
Coaches: Dorothy Ricchuti
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: Jason Horn (1st contributor!)
Source: an old tulane newspaper on microfiche



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