General Electric College Bowl Teams: Arizona State through Duke

School: Arizona State University
Dates appeared: 9/20/64, 9/27/64, 10/4/64, 10/11/64, 10/18/64
Opponents: Hofstra (w 140-115), La Salle (w 255-185), Houston (w 315-165), Washburn (w 295-115), Loyola-New Orleans (l 125-115)
Team: WM Goetz (C), Linda Jones, C. Goddard, Rowe Portis
Coaches: Nick Salerno
Where are they now?: Rowe Portis died in 2000
Reported by: TFM, Barry Resnick
Source: ,


School: Barnard College
Dates appeared: 3/15/59, 3/29/59, 4/12/59; 1967-1968 (five appearances)
Opponents: 1959: Notre Dame (w 230-110), Southern Cal. (w 195-65), Minnesota - Twin Cities (l 155-90); 1967-68: Bryn Mawr (w 205-175), Niagara (w 240-165), Ohio State (w 295-145), Jackson College/Tufts University (w 225-160), Washington (w 175-160)
Team: 1959: Phyllis Hurwitz, Ellen Willis, Susan Rennie, Heritage (Cherry) White; 1967-68: Connie Casey, Rachel Val Cohen, Maggie Rosenblum, Debbie Weissman, Goldie Shabad (alt)
Coaches: 1959: Richard Norman, Professor of English; 1967-68: Richard Norman, Professor of English
Notes: 1959: Prior to the matches, Rennie appeared on quiz shows in her native South Africa. Rennie was also a proficient golfer. In an interview she stated, "It's our absolute ambition to win this match because Columbia lost their first time out." Match v. Southern Cal was broadcast from the Minor Latham Playhouse.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: Raza Panjwani, TFM
Source: , , , New York News May 31, 1959, "Coloroto Magazine," p. 8., "A show of brains: College quiz game is a hit on TV" by Richard Petrow; .

School: Bates College
Dates appeared: 6/4/61, 6/11/61; 11/19/61, 11/26/61, 12/10/61, 12/17/61, 12/24/61
Opponents: Muhlenberg (w 195-50), George Washington (w 225-180); Brandeis (w 210-165), Trinity (w 205-140), Macalester (w 155-135), North Dakota (w 275-30), Wheaton (w 390-100)
Team: 1960-1961: George Drury (C), Casimir Kolaski, Alan Schwartz, Steve Wardwell; 1961-62: Nicholas Maistrellis (C), John Bart, Casimir Kolaski, Jeffrey Roualt, Bernice Schulte (alt)
Coaches: 1960-61 and 1961-62: George Goldat, Assistant Professor of Cultural Heritage
Notes: See source field for an article on their 1993 reunion. After winning the last two matches of the 1960-61 season, the school was invited to send a team to the 1961-62 season. The seven undefeated games is the most ever for the show; and Casimir Kolaski, by playing both seasons, also participated in the most wins and most matches of any individual player on the show. The first appearance in 1961-62 immediately followed Pomona's undefeated run. The five game run of the 1961-62 season was interrupted by a one-time special Army vs. Navy match on December 3, 1961; the weekend before the 20th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The 390 points scored against Wheaton eclipsed the previous high of 360, set by Johns Hopkins three games before Bates' first appearance in the 1960-61 season. The record stood for 106 matches, until VMI scored 400 points in the 1964-65 season, and is the eleventh highest match score achieved by any team. Films of at least the matches vs. Muhlenberg and Wheaton, and possibly all the matches, survive. The $12,000 total scholarship money was placed in an endowed account, is today worth over $41,000, and still provides scholarships to Bates students. While earning a masters degree, Drury coached the University of Denver team during the 1963-64 season.
Where are they now?: 1993: Schwartz is Sterling Professor of Law at Yale University.
Reported by: Jeffrey Tulis, TFM


School: Birmingham - Southern College
Dates appeared: 3/7/65
Opponents: Portland State (l 415-60)
Team: Sam Ratcliffe (C), Frank Conaway, Dale Hill, James McPherson
Coaches: Dr. Winthrop Wright
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: film of Portland State v. Birmingham-Southern game


School: Bowdoin College
Dates appeared: 11/24/63, 12/1/63, 12/8/63, 12/15/63, 12/22/63? (Dates are from College Bowl game database - audio tape of Bowdoin v. Butler match suggests games may have occurred a week later; also UCLA Film & Television Archives lists Butler match as 12/15/63)
Opponents: Ripon (w 375-135), Butler (w 345-150), Duquesne (w 200-190), Westminster (w 360-60), Bowling Green State (w 245-85)
Team: Ken Smith (C), Mike Bennett, Chuck Mills, Jotham Pierce
Coaches: Daniel G. Calder
Notes: Their 1,525 total points set a new record for total points scored, until eclipsed by Portland State, and ranks 7th on the all-time list for the show. The 11/24/63 match against Ripon was Bennett's 18th birthday. Match v. Butler is preserved in UCLA Film & Television Archives.
Where are they now?: Pierce attended Harvard Law School and is a commercial litigator in Maine. Here's his profile. Calder was an expert on Old English who went on to do pioneering work in gay and lesbian studies at UCLA. He died "August 2, 1994 after a brave and lengthy battle with AIDS."
Reported by: TFM, Barry Resnick
Source: team photo belonging to College Bowl Company, Inc.; ;;pt=574 ; audio tape of match; UCLA Film & Television Archives .


School: Bradley University
Dates appeared: 6/26/60; 10/18/69, 10/25/69, 11/1/69, 11/8/69, 11/15/69
Opponents: 1960: Rutgers - Newark (l 210-160); 1969: George Washington (w 195-175), Minnesota - Morris (w 275-50), Cleveland State (w 220-115), Beloit (w 250-130), Johns Hopkins (w 250-180)
Team: 1960: ???; 1969: Ed Wehrli (C), Gene Sidler, Paul Remack, Gary Roberts, Rick Cloyd (alt), Eric Arnold (alt) Lynn Brady (now Lynn Brady Fish) (alt), Laura Johnson(alt), Mike Kienzler (alt), Tom Murphy (alt)
Coaches: Larry Norton, Frank Bussone (asst)
Notes: photo above was taken by Rick Cloyd. Match versus GWU was taped 9/27/69 due to conflict with a football game. Coach Norton was head of the Speech Department. Coach Bussone, also of the Speech Department, had coached USC in a previous appearance. The $19,500 prize money from GE and Seventeen magazine was used to found the Norton-VanArsdale College Bowl Scholarship fund (VanArsdale was president of Bradley at the time). Did not lose a single rehearsal practice game for the entire run.
Where are the now?: Gene Sidler is a doctor in Illinois. Norton is deceased. Bussone became a sportscaster for an Illinois NBC station, and is now a banker in Peoria.
Reported by: Rick Cloyd, TFM
Source: , Rick Cloyd


School: Brooklyn College
Dates appeared: 10/28/62, 11/4/62, 11/11/62
Opponents: Detroit-Mercy (w 240-110), Catholic University (w 170-115), Manhattanville College (l 175-160)
Team: Gerald Aronow, Jesse Kahn, Arnold Levine, Steve Strausberg
Coaches: ???
Notes: match v. Detroit-Mercy is preserved in UCLA Film & Television Archives
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: UCLA Film & Television Archives


School: Brown University (aka Brown/Pembroke)
Dates appeared: 1/4/59, ?/?/66, 1/7/68
Opponents: 1959: Northwestern (l 145-135); 1966: Williams (l 285-120); 1968: Northwestern (w 335-65)
Team: 1959: Judith Cohen, Steve Dyson, Susan Goff, Paul Hagenau; 1966: ???; 1968: Spencer Davis, Loris Essary, Carol Jones, William Smith.
Coaches: 1959: ???; 1966: ???; 1968: ???
Notes: 1968 match v. Northwestern is preserved in the UCLA Film & Television Archives. That special "10th Anniversary" match featured interviews with the 1959 team, and a prize of $10,000 for the winner and $5,000 for the loser.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: UCLA Film & Television Archives


School: Bryn Mawr College
Dates appeared: 2/21/60, 2/28/60; 10/14/67, 10/21/67, 10/28/67, 11/4/67?, 11/11/67?
Opponents: 1960: Cornell (w 255-185), Dartmouth (l 190-120); 1967: California-Riverside (w 230-70), Notre Dame (w 225-185), Richmond (w 160-85), Miami (w 310-80), Barnard (l 205-175)
Team: 1960: ???; 1967: Ashley Doherty, Ruth Gais, Robin Johnson, Diane Ostheim
Coaches: 1960: ???; 1967: ???
Notes: The prize winnings from General Electric, matched by Seventeen Magazine, and supplemented by gifts from the directors of the College. totaled $16,000 in 1968. Income from the fund is still awared to an entering freshman "in need of assistance."
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: ,


School: Butler University
Dates appeared: 12/1/63 (match occurred 12/15/63 according to UCLA Film & Television Archives)
Opponents: Bowdoin (l 345-150)
Team: Greg Pinkus, Phyllis Gorfain, Jack Glazier, Alan Monroe
Coaches: Robert Preston Gilpin
Notes: Gilpin was a Philosophy Professor. Gorfain was from Milwaukee, the rest of the team from Indianapolis. Match is preserved in UCLA Film & Television Archives.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: Barry Resnick, TFM
Source: audio tape of match; UCLA Film & Television Archives .


School: California State University - Los Angeles
Dates appeared: 5/29/66
Opponents: Rice (l 455-75)
Team: Deena Case, Barry Grossman, John Lackner, Lloyd Steele
Coaches: ???
Notes: Match is preserved in the UCLA Film & Television Archives
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: UCLA Film & Television Archives


School: City College of New York
Dates appeared: 5/24/59, 5/31/59, 6/7/59, 6/14/59
Opponents: Goucher (w 240-155), Syracuse (w 195-95), Lehigh (w 315-85), Mount Holyoke (l 190-160)
Team: B. Gilson, W. Randall, M. Sislowitz, D. Sussman
Coaches: ???
Notes: Info taken from a commemorative brick.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM


School: Coe College
Dates appeared: 2/28/65
Opponents: Portland State (l 345-175)
Team: Allison Shepherd (C), Tony Cordes, Rudy Drost, Paul Roberts
Coaches: Lynn Endrall, Instructor in Speech
Notes: Opened up with a 145 point lead overPortland State, but the rest of the match went their opponent's way.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: film of Portland State v. Coe game


School: Colgate University
Dates appeared: 4/10/60, 4/17/60, 4/24/60, 5/1/60, 5/8/60; 10/9/60, 1968-69 (3 appearances)
Opponents: 1960: New York University (w 140-95), Washington (w 220-150), Randolph-Macon (w 220-60), Texas (w 205-90), Nebraska (w 245-95); Rutgers (w 185-125); 1968-69: Trinity (w 295-95), Illinois (w 305-140), Davidson (l 280-110)
Team: 1960: Steve? Lefrak, Bill Thoms, S. Gottesman, Richard Grote; 1968-69: L. Baldenza, W. Joseph, R. Diamond, W. Mendez.
Coaches: 1960: ???; 1968-69: ???
Notes: Appeared with Rutgers, the other 5-time-undefeated champ from the 1959-1960 season, in a special game that aired as the second show of the 1960-1961 season.
Where are they now?: Grote went to work for GE. Today he's a well-known author and business consultant.
Reported by: TFM
Source: 60 second promotional film of 10/9/60 Colgate-Nebraska game, ; clip of 1969 Colgate v. Trinity match.


School: College of Wooster
Dates appeared: 11/10/63
Opponents: Ripon (l 290-210)
Team: Ansley Coale, Jr., Colin Mackinnon, Bruce Wenger, Jane Winkler Carter
Coaches: ???
Notes: Got more toss-ups then Ripon but lost on bonus conversion.
Where are they now?: In 2001: Coale runs Alambic, Inc., brandy distillers.
Reported by: TFM


School: Columbia University
Dates appeared: 1/11/59; 11/6/66, 11/13/66, 11/20/66, 11/27/66, 12/18/66
Opponents: 1959: Northwestern (l 165-130); 1966: Providence (w 300-205), Indiana-Bloomington (w 250-145), Michigan State (w 320-150), William & Mary (w 330-60), Smith (w 345-120)
Team: 1959: Ira Jolles, Alexander Liebowitz, David Looman, Bruce Shoulson; 1966: Elia Racah, Derek Randal, Jeffrey Rosen, Steven Ross
Coaches: 1959: ???; 1966: Assistant Dean Mark Flanigan (Head Coach), Katherine Koch, Robin Wolfe
Notes: 1959: student Dave Krebs was "in charge of pre-show activities." 1966: Asst. Coach Wolfe was a law student who had played for Lafayette's undefeated team. Before the first match, coach Flanigan joked, "I am the only coach on campus with an undefeated, untied, and unscored on team." Koch characterized the team as "really offensive," and was hopefully referring to their scoring ability. After their fifth win, Dean David Truman hosted a champagne party to honor the team.
Where are they now?: 1959: ???; 1966: ???
Reported by: Raza Panjwani
Source: , Columbia Daily Spectator microfilm archives


School: Creighton University
Dates appeared: 9/29/63
Opponents: Fairfield (l 215-140)
Team: Morris B. Pongratz, ???
Coaches: ???
Where are they now?: Pongratz works at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Reported by: TFM

Photo courtesy of Sam Gwynn

School: Davidson College
Dates appeared: 4/19/59; 4/6/69?, 4/13/69, 4/20/69, 4/27/69, 5/4/69
Opponents: 1959: Minnesota-Twin Cities (l 155-90); 1969: Colgate (w 280-110), Arizona (w 250-130), Wesleyan (w 415-50), Skidmore (w 365-70), Dillard (w 250-80)
Team: 1959: ???; 1969: Robert Bryan, R. S. "Sam" Gwynn, Charles Timothy Timmons, Richard Anderson, Bob Reid (alt).
Coaches: 1959: ???; 1969: Charles E. Lloyd
Notes: Davidson President Dr. Greer Martin in 1959: "I would rather have one victory in the 'GE College Bowl' than an unbeaten football team." Reid joined the team on-stage after the fifth 1969 victory, and accepted the silver bowl from Robert Earle on behalf of the team.
Where are they now?: Gwynn: poet, author, and University Professor at Lamar. In April, 2004 he received the Michael Braude Award for achievement in light verse by the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and later that month was honored as the 2004 University Scholar, Lamar's highest award for research and creative activity. Bryan is deceased. Reid has been an AP correspondent in the middle east for many years.
Reported by: Sam Gwynn, TFM
Source: , , New York News May 31, 1959, "Coloroto Magazine," p. 8., "A show of brains: College quiz game is a hit on TV" by Richard Petrow , , , videotapes of Davidson v. Arizona, Davidson v. Wesleyan, and Davidson v. Dillard games.

School: Dickinson College
Dates appeared: 9/17/65, 9/24/65, 10/3/65, 10/17/65, 10/24/65
Opponents: Saint Francis (w 260-165), Loyola University (w 335-130), Mississippi College (w 265-75), Redlands (w 200-175), Adelphi (w 285-170)
Team: George Williams (C), Norman Rothman, David Richman, Arthur Litoff, Donald Richmond (alt), Elizabeth Wagner (alt), Reginald Templeton (alt), Mark Dischell (alt)
Coaches: Sanford J. Smoller, Harold R. Gillespie
Notes: Only lost one practice game, to St. Francis, during entire run.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: Arthur Litoff, TFM


School: Dillard University
Dates appeared: 5/4/69
Opponents: Davidson (l 250-80)
Team: Brooks Ruffin (C), Anthony Cebrun, Adele Gautier, Paul Valteau
Coaches: William W. Sutton, Associate Professor of Biology
Notes: Sam Gwynn of Davidson recalls that Dillard was very impressive in the practice games before the broadcast.
Where are they now?: ???
Reported by: TFM
Source: videotape of Davidson v. Dillard game


School: Duke University
Dates appeared: 5/15/60, 5/22/60, 5/29/60; 12/14/68
Opponents: 1960: Michigan State (w 140-110), Antioch (w 245-85), Rutgers (l 165-150); 1968: Oberlin (l 365-165)
Team: 1960: ???; 1968: Mark I. Pinsky, ???
Coaches: 1960: ???; 1968: ???
Where are they now?: Pinsky: Religion reporter for the Orlando Sentinel and author of The Gospel According to the Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the World's Most Animated Family.
Reported by: TFM


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